Mum Can't Feed Her Puppies? This Invention Allows You To Efficiently Nurse Your Puppies

Written by Kristen Peters on 28 May 2021

With over 300,000 units sold worldwide, this is the best way to nurse a litter of puppies at once

“OH MY GOD!” I cried out when one of my dogs gave birth to a litter. All the puppies were emaciated and malnourished, leaving me desperate for a solution. That’s when I found out that their mother wasn’t producing enough milk.

We all know how frustrating it is when your own puppies look malnourished.

As a dog mum, you have been patiently waiting for your beloved dogs to be born and now, suddenly a new problem, the mother is not producing enough milk for her litter! And this is a case that happens to many dogs…. all the frustration…. it all adds up.

And then of course there’s all the waiting. The old way is to either watch them die, or use a syringe or bottle feed, stay up all night trying to feed 6 puppies….

You simply can’t nurse the whole litter at once and there is a very high risk of them suffocating.

So it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for cheaper and faster solutions to suckle their puppies more efficiently!

Fortunately, there is a solution that does just that!

An English startup company has developed a new innovative and inexpensive device that changes the way proud dog moms and dads can nurse an entire litter of puppies at once without any of them choking.

What is it?

It’s called the DogBubble™ Milk Bowl. It’s a new patented slow-suck drip nipple feeding solution that has been proven to make puppies fall in love with it on day 1 of use. Malnourished puppies, bottle feeding or even syringe feeding, which they can easily choke on, are no longer necessary thanks to this new technology.

Developed by a group of renowned veterinarians using “Realistic Nipple-Mold” technology, the DogBubble™ Milk Bowl is the safest and most effective breastfeeding device yet. It improves your dog’s skin appearance, prevents infestation with unwanted diseases, helps them sleep better and supports healthy growth. This device is specially designed to help your puppies feed regularly, even if their mother can’t help them.

How does it work?

The DogBubble™ solves a very important problem: most of the time, dogs are not able to produce enough milk to feed their litter. This is where the DogBubble comes in, because it helps save the lives of newborn puppies by providing them with the nutrition they need to grow.

The DogBubble is made from extremely soft, skin-like silicone. It is so well made that it feels as soft as the mother’s body. DogBubble is the perfect solution to my problem because it allows me to feed my puppies with ease without having to worry about them being under or overfed. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe! Plus, it comes with four slow-dripping teats, so you can feed four puppies at once, depending on your needs!

"This device saved my puppies, literally!"

The technology of the DogBubble™ Milk Bowl will not only have a big impact on the wellbeing of your puppies, but will also save you a lot of money and sleepless nights in the long run.

That’s why people buy it in bulk and resell it for over £250, while I got it much cheaper because I bought it directly from the manufacturer. DogBubble™ Milk Bowl is selling like crazy right now.

Now, before you start feeding your puppies milk from DogBubble, it’s important that you read the instructions carefully so you know how to properly prepare the milk for your puppies (don’t worry, it’s really easy!).

The best part is that your puppies will all be fed at once! And we all know that time is something you can’t buy!

Is this safe for my puppies?

Absolutely! DogBubble is the closest thing to a real dog teat. It’s made from heat resistant, food grade silicone (BPA free), having personally used it on over 20 pups I can absolutely say it’s amazing! Just pour slightly warmed milk into it and prepare to be amazed.

Imagine trying to nurse 10 puppies in a row, each one would take you 30 minutes: that means you spend 5 hours nursing them.

With DogBubble™ Milk Bowl it only takes you 30 minutes to nurse all 10 puppies, that’s 10 times FASTER! Sounds too good to be true, but other users report the same.

And with the DogBubble™ Milk Bowl you now no longer need those unhealthy syringe feedings or bottles that can easily cause infections.

How much will it cost me?

You probably think that this invention is very expensive… Wrong! DogBubble™ Milk Bowl is available right now for under £114!

Imagine the comfort of seeing your puppies perfectly nourished and in perfect health. No worries about starving puppies, dangerous infections or choking hazards.

If you think this alone is worth the price… imagine saving hours every day while feeding your puppies properly, just like their mother would!

Where can I buy it?


£20 Discount Voucher on DogBubble™ Milk Bowl

The offer ends on Wednesday, 30 June at 23:59.

I am sure that this beautiful invention can save your puppies from malnutrition, expensive vet bills and the horror of watching your puppies die.

Start feeding your puppies properly and watch them grow strong and healthy!

Now that you have been informed about this ingenious invention, I would like to show you how easy it is to start breastfeeding your sweetie. All you have to do is follow these 3 steps:

The opinion of our customers

Scarlett Evans  ★★★★★

I have been using this for a while now. It is perfect in every detail. My biggest fear was that the milk flow would be too strong and that it would suffocate my puppies. It is actually very hard to suck milk from and I think it perfectly mimics their mothers’ nipple.

James Brown ★★★★★

Very easy to use, should have bought it earlier. I save at least 3 hours a day feeding my boys.

Antony Welch ★★★★★

My order arrived today! I bought one for my wife’s puppies. Thank you so much for this great product, she loved it!

Avery Bandy ★★★★★

Thank you, ours arrived today. Just tested it with the puppies and it’s amazing!

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